Running for a cure

Some runners are running in memory of loved and lost ones in order to show support for those who have suffered from cancer and those who are still battling it.

On Thurs. Sept. 27, Hughenden Public School students and staff ran the Terry Fox Run to pledge money for cancer research.

One of the people running was Kendra Holte who is running for her Grandmother Phyllis Holte.

“The Terry Fox Run has always meant a lot to me,” said Holte. “Terry Fox was and still is a great inspiration to so many people, and it’s so great that millions of people participate in the run each year.

“It plays a great role in my life since my Granny was diagnosed not too long ago. She is being so strong, I love her so much, and I hope the smile on her face never leaves.”

Anneka Van Hoek said, “The Terry Fox Run means a lot to people. The courage that Terry had has inspired many to follow in his footsteps.”


by Miena Van Hoek, Sawyer Schmidt

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