Ruined by massive debt

Dear Editor,
After reading the Mail Bag in last week’s paper regarding climate change I felt the need to add some more fuel to the proverbial fire.

Let us suppose for the sake of argument that all climate change statements in the letter titled, “Smart move and desperately needed”, Feb. 4, pg. 6, are completely correct and factual and that Canada does absolutely everything possible to lower Canada’s emissions to near zero.

That, in itself, may mean the end of the world as we know it might be extended five minutes.

Considering that Canada contributes less than one per cent of the world’s greenhouse gases, we must work to change the big four emitters mindsets before any hope of fixing the problems created, can be realized.

To destroy Canada’s economy and way of life will only mean that there is one less country capable of providing assistance and technology to fight the issues on the world-wide stage.

It is similar to the refugee issue.  It is wonderful for the 25,000 refugees who will make it to Canada but what about the two to three million who are still in the same situation?  Should we not be putting our efforts into finding a solution to the problem that is causing the horrid conditions in the first place and help create better living conditions in the Middle East?

The next few generations of Canadians may have cleaner air to breathe but will be financially ruined by the massive debt that will be created by the narrow-minded resolutions of one of the smallest fish in the ocean of climate change creators.
E. Lefley
Drumheller, Ab.

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