Rosebud Theatre delights audiences with captivating opening night of The Sound of Music

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The musical, The Sound of Music, opened at the Rosebud Theatre in Rosebud, Alta. on June 2. The beloved musical, known for its timeless melodies and heartwarming story, captivated the audience with its enchanting portrayal of the von Trapp family’s journey. ECA Review/Submitted

Rosebud was filled with people on June 2 as Rosebud Theatre presented its opening night of The Sound of Music. Rosebud is known for its delicious food and professional live theatre.

The beloved musical, known for its timeless melodies and heartwarming story, captivated the audience with its enchanting portrayal of the von Trapp family’s journey.

Music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, and a book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse. It is based on the 1949 memoir of Maria von Trapp, The Story of the Trapp Family Singer.

You could see the set as people filled the seats with excited chatter in Rosebud’s Opera House. The backdrop was a painting of the well-known hills of Salzburg, Austria. They had sheets that could be attached and unattached to lines which moved and changed the scenes.

The show began with the Nuns walking onto the stage singing the preludium. The harmonies were beautiful, and the choreography, while simple, was executed flawlessly.

Cassia Schmidt played Maria Rainer and delivered a remarkable performance as she brought Maria Rainer to life.

From her first appearance as a free-spirited young postulant to her transformation into a loving governess, Schmidt captured the essence of Maria’s character with unmatched grace. Her natural charisma and effervescent spirit breathed life into every scene, making her a magnetic presence on stage.

Whether twirling through the meadows in a spirited rendition of The Sound Of Music or tenderly singing The Lonely Goatherd to comfort the von Trapp children, Schmidt’s performances evoked a range of emotions from the audience. Her voice, a beautiful instrument of warmth and purity, effortlessly conveyed the joy, heartache, and resilience of Maria’s journey.

Schmidt’s chemistry with Ian Farthing, who portrayed Captain von Trapp with expertise, created an electric on-stage connection.

Farthing’s commanding presence on stage perfectly embodied the stern yet vulnerable nature of Captain von Trapp. From his initial stoicism to the gradual thawing of his heart, Farthing skillfully portrayed the transformation of a grieving widower into a loving father and partner.

The von Trapp children, portrayed by a talented young ensemble, captured hearts with their exceptional acting and singing voices. Their youthful energy brought a charming innocence to the stage, leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed their performances.

Whether singing and dancing to the delightful Do-Re-Mi or delivering heartfelt moments in their interactions with Maria, the von Trapp children demonstrated their immense talent and remarkable stage presence.

Hanne Loosen created the costumes for the show. They matched the time beautifully and portrayed the characters well.
The show runs throughout the summer.

Jessica Campbell
ECA Review

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