Road paving for 2022

The roads highlighted in blue and red are those to be considered for road work in 2022. The red shows commercial areas and the blue shows residential areas. ECA Review/Town of Coronation
Written by Terri Huxley

The roads highlighted in blue and red are those to be considered for road work in 2022. The red shows commercial areas and the blue shows residential areas. ECA Review/Town of Coronation

In an effort to get on top of budget time in October, Coronation town administration has begun the process of finding prices.

One component of this is finding prices for road paving as one of the main projects.

Administration asked council to have permission to move forward by putting out a Request for Proposal (RFP) where companies can bid and provide quotes to do the work set out by the town which council agreed to allow.

Administration shared there are many locations within the municipality still in need of repair or replacement, and some areas will need a complete overhaul.

After identifying more locations in the municipality for paving, the hope is to complete an RFP by the end of October to mid-November.

This would then allow administration to start working on the 2022 interim budget.

The RFP will address additional locations within the municipality that will require paving and continue with the 2021 paving program.

The process of the RFP will include the scope of work, the timeline required for completion and the end date for the project application submission.

The Road Construction Budget will be built after the RFP’s have been successfully submitted and the Road Rehabilitation information has been received. 

At that time, the tenders will be opened, and the results provided to the council at the next regular meeting.

The proposed areas are more than the municipality can afford. However, just as the 2021-year, the administration would like to identify the total cost of each area.

This process would be suggested to continue the conversation and discuss how many of the locations can be completed and those to be put on hold.

Diana Lane is going to be completed in stages as the town moves forward.

The location will require millings to be placed down onto the roadway.

This project will continue to build as the town progresses through each paving project.

The reasoning for this method is to ensure that dust suppression is maintained during the construction and build a more stable roadway.

The road will be reworked this year to provide a more solid base.

Franchise fees

Council took a look at franchise fees provided by ATCO Gas and ATCO Electric as part of the annual review process.

At this time, council has the opportunity to adjust the franchise fee in whatever direction they feel or leave it the same.

Coronation council chose to keep both fees the same as 2021 at 10.05 per cent for gas and 3.75 per cent for electricity.

“I don’t think it’s a good time to raise it because it just hits us directly,” said Coun. Jackie Brigley.

“It’s the same as raising property taxes, just under a different guise,” added Mayor Ron Checkel.

With the anticipated delivery, Tariff revenue for gas in 2022 comes to $438,794.00 and provides the Town of Coronation with $44,099 and $47,968.76 in electricity.


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