Road closure request

A request to close a portion of the alleyway adjacent to 4821 – 50th Ave. was submitted to the village office for review.

The bank initially put a nearby property into foreclosure and has since had many people interested in buying the property.

The trailer that occupies the space by the road is placed on an angle which may be overlapping the road but this has yet to be confirmed by a survey.

A potential buyer has requested the alley south of the old Neighbourhood Revitalization Building be closed as they hope to purchase it.

Currently the laneway is unusable.

In 2011, Council denied the request to close a portion of the alley as the entire block is zoned for commercial use. Current or future property owners may require the access for their businesses.

Additionally, Alberta Transportation does not allow for partial road closures so the entire strip would need to be closed to the public, allowing neighbours also along the lane to purchase their respective 20 feet of alley behind their property.

Similar responses were echoed at the January meeting as well as access for emergency personnel and a significant process that involves surveyors and administrative work.

Council passed a motion to not sell the roadway or pursue closure and asked to advise the homeowner of council’s decision.

Public Participation Plan
Land Use Bylaw #514-16 is a bylaw that encompasses a large variety of rules including the use of cannabis, recreational vehicle parking and soft sided garages.

A public participation plan was talked about around the council table to narrow down what topics they would like the public to answer.

All three topics will be the main focus of the feedback.

The results will be presented at the Feb. 25 meeting which allows them time to understand the information before first reading is put forth on March 11.

Terri Huxley
ECA Review

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