Right to life, liberty

Dear Editor,

This is an open letter to all Albertans from an English farm boy immigrant, now a fifty-year Canadian citizen!

Having now lived in Alberta, Canada for 50 years, I can look back fondly on my journey from the farm in England, to deciding to move to Canada for the prospect of a better life offering more opportunity. 

After high school, I spent two years training to become an agricultural equipment mechanic, then continued for a further year to earn my agricultural engineering diploma.

 I then decided to take a year off and travel around the United States as an exchange student, which opened my eyes to the opportunities and standard of living people enjoyed in North America. 

I returned home and applied to emigrate to Canada as I felt this offered me the lifestyle I was seeking. 

On being accepted, I decided that Alberta offered me the best overall future opportunity based on my skills. 

So 50 years later, after 27 years in a wide range of occupations working in the farm equipment industry and now in my twenty-third year as a financial advisor in Stettler, Alta. 

I have some thoughts on what we Albertans need to do – to prepare for the next 50 years, as our current status in the Canadian Confederation is not working at all well for us! 

For far too long, the elites in Quebec and Ontario have plundered the resource wealth of the Western provinces, while offering very little in return. 

The existing equalization formula designed up to favour Quebec and Ontario at our expense, whose politicians choose to import Saudi or other countries oil over Alberta’s and continue to deny pipeline access for our oil to the east coast refineries. 

The billions currently being spent on imported oil would benefit all Canadians if used to buy the ethical oil we produce in the West. 

I remember seeing an old carton of Canada illustrating our dilemma, showing a cow straddling the country, being fed by Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, milked by Quebec and Ontario and the Maritime provinces getting the manure! 

Sadly over time, nothing has changed, and in my humble opinion, things are only going to get worse with the current tax and spend Liberals holding power in Ottawa! 

Their reckless approach to dealing with the current COVID19 pandemic and endless pandering to the Chinese Communist Dictatorship, the corrupt UN and the World Health Organization – has put us all at risk and is alienating our international allies in the process! 

Plus, adding to their mishandling all of the above issues, they now want to disarm all our honest legal gun owners, which begs the question – what are they planning to do to all us citizens once disarmed? 

Plus, to have the audacity to increase carbon tax when Canadians are reeling through the COVID-19 begs one to question their sanity?  

How any sane voter can think a failed snowboard instructor and fired drama teacher has the slightest of qualifications to lead our great country is beyond me, just because his last name is Trudeau?

I left England to get away from all socialist and liberal philosophies, from the entry of Great Britain into the European Common Market, which I saw as the abdication of British sovereignty to unelected officials in Brussels. 

Unfortunately, I’ve since been proven right with the Brexit movement underway there, with the sad realization – that what I left to get away from in Great Britain is, unfortunately, now festering here in Canada.

Our corrupt Prime Minister aided by his fawning Liberal Ministers, has bought and paid for Media, the complicit NDP, Green and the Block MP’s, and advisors like Gerald Butts and  Katie Telford are rapidly taking us down the path to a dictatorship. 

No surprise considering our Prime Ministers’ love affair with the Chinese Communist Peoples Party dictatorship and the millions that have been donated by wealthy Chinese businessmen to the Trudeau Foundation. 

Worse yet, he’s allowing Chinese companies to take over and plunder our resource wealth and maybe even build our 5G network! 

Plus, stacking the Liberal voter base in Ontario, Quebec and other significant centres with hordes of legal and illegal immigrants from third world countries, all influenced to vote Liberal in our elections! 

Then, on top of all this, his hastily put together ban on guns after the killing spree in Nova Scotia, that should ring alarm bells with all Canadians? Which has me wondering what the government’s ulterior motive is for doing this? 

His daily appearance to shovel out ever-increasing millions of dollars to anyone and everyone, giving non-answers to scripted friendly media questions, turns my stomach. 

Also, begs the question – as these handouts are rapidly approaching a trillion dollars of borrowed money, is how long it will take to pay this horrendous debt back, and to whom do we owe it? 

People wake up to the scam here, bribed with future tax dollars that the government will have no choice to increase, once we’re through this crisis to enable future governments to pay for all this! 

We either all take a stand to return to being a sovereign, democratic nation, to purge our schools, colleges and universities of all the fanatic leftist leaning academics – busily brainwashing our children to be good little Marxists! 

Or, be on the Liberals, NDP and Greens fast track to a one-world government, to be digitally chipped, forced vaccinated and to use a global digital currency by corrupt UN and Global Elites as laid out in their “Transforming our World” – their 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

I would instead suggest we emulate the basic tenants of that immortal phrase in the USA constitution – that we have the right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness!”   


Peter Boys

A concerned taxpayer!

Stettler, Alta.

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