RIght and wrong starts in the home

The young people south of the border are getting together marching and protesting for stronger gun laws. This could be a good thing. It has already made some retailers on both sides of the border remove some products from their stores.
It might even be possible that these young voices will be able to speak loud enough that even the government will hear them. That would be nice.
Of course, as soon as they started speaking, people were putting answers up on good old Facebook.
These answers seem to have the general theme of kindness. That if the young people would stop bullying and making fun of others, if they would just be kind to each other then stronger gun laws would not be needed.
They seem to be saying that the reason someone would go on a shooting spree is because they have been bullied to their breaking point, and some people reach that breaking point faster than others.
They might be right, but so are the young people. If guns were not so easy to get, then it would be harder to go on a shooting spree when or if you hit that breaking point.
Yes, being kind to others can help keep people from getting to that breaking point, so I guess they are both right.
Now let’s ask where these young people are going to learn about kindness and right and wrong. The first place they learn anything is in the home. That’s right Mom and Dad, it starts with you.
A child who lives with kindness learns to give kindness. A child needs to learn what is right and what is wrong. He needs to learn that there will be penalties to pay when you do the wrong thing.
Some parents think they cannot teach about kindness and love if they also give penalties for wrongdoing. When a child knows there will be consequences for their actions they are more likely to think twice before acting.
If a parent will teach the child about right and wrong and consequences as they are growing up then maybe the police won’t have to do it later.
Maybe stronger gun laws would make a person think about the reason behind the law and maybe it would make them see that there is a wrong and a right way to use a gun. Maybe we need to do all of the above.
Okay, now we have figured out how to keep the young people from going on a shooting spree.
The next question is how do we stop the adult from going on a shooting spree?

by Lois Perepelitz

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