Return of Parliament: Ensuring you are heard

Damien Kurek Official Portrait / Portrait Officiel Ottawa, ONTARIO, Canada on 25 November, 2019. © HOC-CDC Credit: Mélanie Provencher, House of Commons Photo Services
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With the devastating effects of activist energy policies leading to the cancellation of Keystone XL and the need to lay the groundwork for an economic recovery, along with the need to ensure Canadians and Canadian business have what’s needed in the fight against COVID, my colleagues and I in the Official Opposition have a big job ahead of us when Parliament resumes Jan. 25.

That said, I am optimistic that Canadians will remain resilient and that our Conservative caucus is up for the challenge to hold the Liberals to account.

The cancellation of the KXL Pipeline has impacted around 1,000 folks from Battle River-Crowfoot who were laid off when new US President Joe Biden signed an executive order cancelling the permit.

While the case for this nation-building energy infrastructure project is clear, we see the Government treat this economic sanction against Canada differently than when the former US administration levied sanctions on other industries such as steel and aluminum or when major manufacturing job losses led to immediate responses.

This should not be a partisan or political issue as it is about Canada’s future.

The Liberals’ actions are sowing seeds of deep division that threaten to tear Canada apart.

As Parliament returns, I will be making the case that Prime Minister Trudeau has failed Alberta and all of Canada by “acknowledging” and “respecting” the United States decision.

January 25th marks a grim milestone of it being one year from the first case of the coronavirus being discovered in Canada.

There has been endless debate and discussion around how the various levels of Canadian government have responded in comparison to other nations around the world.

One year later, we witness how the current Liberal Government’s mismanagement and ideology have hindered Canada’s ability to be a global leader in combating COVID.

As the House of Commons resumes sittings, Conservatives will be leading the conversation on recovery.

Canadians have sacrificed so much over the last year and, although there are still challenges ahead, folks are owed a plan that gives them certainty, including ensuring that COVID is contained by vaccinations and effective response measures and that there is clarity on how people and business can plan in the short, medium, and long term.

Unfortunately, the Liberals have attempted to use current uncertainty to their political and personal advantage and have even let it slip that they very well may force an election.

Conservatives are wholly focused on making sure Canadians have a reason to be optimistic about our future.

We will be collaborative when needed, will critique when required, and show leadership at a time when Canadians need it most.


by Damien Kurek, Battle River-Crowfoot MP

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