Retirees recognized

Jerri Perrin

For 31 years Jerri Perrin has taught Grade 3 and 4 at Veteran School.

“I have greatly enjoyed my career,” says Perrin. “It has been entertaining and rewarding to work in one community and get to know students and their families.”

Having taught in PLRD for over 30 years, Perrin says she has numerous second generation students in her classroom.

Perrin also taught elementary physical education, something she thoroughly enjoyed.

Darcy Meyer

After a 35 year teaching career, Darcy Meyer is retiring from Veteran School.

“It has been my great fortune to have spent my entire career in the Veteran community,” said Meyer.

Through the years Meyer’s main assignment has included Junior High Math, Science, Phys. Ed. and CTF and occasionally he has also taught the Grade 4-6 students.

Carolyn Unsworth

Some long term employees in PLRD often have held a variety of positions, sometimes in a variety of schools.

Carolyn Unsworth will be retiring after 24 years with PLRD.

“In my 28 years in the school system I have served many roles including interpreter, tutor, speech assistant, librarian, team manager, driver and aid, but the role I enjoyed the most was being a friend,” said Unsworth.

Donna Johnson

Every spring for the past 23 years, you can hear the chirping of baby birds coming from Mrs. Johnson’s classroom.

“I’ve always loved hatching the eggs,” smiles Mrs. J., adding over her career she has hatched everything from chicken and duck eggs to geese and pheasant eggs.

Mrs. Johnson has worked at Delia School for 33 years—that’s a lot of chicks and students.

Mrs. J. has had many roles at Delia School, from teaching Grade 6 when she first started, working as the Special Education Coordinator, to teaching Grade 3, an ECS/Grade 1 split class and Grade 1/2 split class.

Carla Assenheimer

Consort School is losing a veteran teacher, Carla Assenheimer who is retiring after 30 years of working in the division.

Assenheimer has spent the past 13 years teaching Grade 3.

She also spent 14 years teaching Kindergarten as well as a couple of years in Grade 1 and Grade 1/2.

Having spent 30 years in education, Assenheimer says she has definitely seen things change.

From the traditional or ‘old school’ ways of pencils and paper, chalkboards, rows of desks and phone calls home to paperless assignments, whiteboards flexible seating and apps to contact parents.

While she is retiring, Assenheimer will be at Consort School this fall covering for a maternity leave in the Kindergarten room.



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