Restoring province to it’s equal status

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Dear Editor,

As expected, the knives are out for Danielle Smith by the usual suspects even before she should be given a chance to prove herself.

For example, the Liberal subsidized leftist media sources are doing their level best to muddy the waters and slur the meaning of the Sovereignty Act.

In reality it is not about removing Alberta from Confederation, it is about restoring the province to it’s equal status within Confederation as was the original promise of it.

Since then, the promised sharing of powers has been severely eroded by the over reach of Federal Liberal Fundamentalist Ideologues such as the one we are currently stuck with.

It makes my blood boil every time I see them thanklessly propagandizing against us, and using the gifts given by Alberta’s own resources and hard work to do it.

These hypocrites will stop at nothing and no amount of accommodating them will ever meet with their approval. That is because, for Trudeau, it’s really not about saving the environment. If it was, they should also be just as concerned about the proliferation of hydraulic-oil slurping, high viscosity grease gobbling, bird whacking, pinwheels littering the landscape.

No, for Trudeau it’s really about trying to destroy Alberta’s economic power. Like his father before him, Trudeau cannot stand to see the ‘Center of Gravity’ shifting westward and away from Central Canada and particularly Quebec, as decreed by the “God’s of Colonialism”.

Yes, I suppose the media promoted debunking of Danielle Smith and the UCP will continue until they succeed.

Won’t it be wonderful if Notley and the socialists take over again? Perhaps they will resume their deployment of teams to come around and install LED lights, since we underlings lack the intelligence to know how to screw in a light bulb.

Or maybe again engage in the devastation of rural Alberta towns, families, and lives, as she last did with Hanna, Forestburg, and Wabamun.

Whether or not the masses may have an understanding of the First Law of Thermodynamics, Fourier’s Law, Ohm’s Law, on-board energy quantities, transformation losses, and the implied relationships that exist between them, which I’m quite sure is not the case with either Notley or Trudeau, the consequences of combating Interglacial Period Climate Change by the blind removal of the initial energy sources and the means of derivation, will be inescapable.

In short, the rigid realities of thermodynamics dictate that the pinwheels will not cut it, if we’re looking for them to provide our means of transport, and to keep us from freezing and starving in the dark.

If the ignorant Ideologues succeed in their purpose then in my opinion we are bound head-long into a post-modern, post-civilized epoch.

But, then again, we might not need to worry about it. Tanks, ships, fighter aircraft and armies won’t function on lithium-ion batteries, woke ideology, critical race theory or identity re-education programs.

Thus, having rendered ourselves pretty much defenceless, if we keep it up the China-Russia-Iran axis just might come along and give us all an on-sight attitude adjustment.

M. Lee Hudson
Calgary/Paintearth County

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