Restorative seal on Coronation Cemetery road

County council agreed to try a new restorative seal on the Coronation Cemetery Range Road 111 for the cost of $11,000 per kilometre at their regular council meeting on March 12 after discussion as to how to get the most out of their roadways.

Three kilometres of CRF® Restorative Seal at an approximate cost of $33,000 is expected to help rejuvenate, seal, and extend the lifespan of ageing pavement before it becomes worse.

By applying the product to pavement before serious structural deterioration has occurred, major reconstruction can be significantly postponed 5 to10 years.

However, the product contains some asphaltene content, which allows the emulsion to hold sand and to fill larger voids and cracks.

Due to its naphthenic crude base, CRF does not ‘dry out’ and can become brittle with time.

Its slight natural solvency allows the product to soften and penetrate asphalt pavement, causing the surface to remain flexible and more resilient to fluctuations in temperature.

The sand and emulsion combination is kneaded and worked in by traffic, temperature and time to provide a seal in depth, not just a surface film like most asphalt sealers.

Pits and holes in the road will be filled in as well but public works mentioned this stretch of road will act as a test run to see how well the product works and if they wish to use it in the future.

Read on Roads, the only business that conducts and uses this product, will supply and apply CRF® Restorative Seal to three kilometres of pavement which should begin in May of this year.

Triple A Striping will paint the lines on the road between June 1 and July 15 at $666 per kilometre.

Both portions of the project are being funded through Municipal Sustainability Initiative money.

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