Response to WE Charity scandal

Battle River-Crowfoot MLA Damien Kurek presented a motion on Thurs. March 3 to the Ethics Committee, calling for answers on the WE Charity scandal, which happened in 2020. 

When presenting the motion, Kurek stated that he often hears from constituents and Canadians who are concerned that we don’t have all the answers in the WE Charity situation. 

In a statement posted on Facebook later that day, Kurek shared his thoughts on the motion. 

“Canadians are still waiting for answers on the WE Charity Scandal. With the calling of last summer’s unnecessary election, the report that dug into this was never tabled… but today I presented a motion to the Ethics Committee that, if passed, would ensure that Canadians get to see what’s in this report.”

Known officially as, Questions of Conflict of Interest and Lobbying in Relation to Pandemic Spending, this report investigated the massive sole-source contract for a student grant which was awarded to friends of the Prime Minister and his family members. 

“The scandal famously caused former Finance Minister, Bill Morneau to resign his position both in cabinet and in Parliament. 

Concluding his post, Kurek wrote, “Now more than ever, accountability is needed, and Conservatives will continue to fight for it! I will be sure to share more details when this is debated in the coming weeks.”


By Damien C. Kurek, Battle River- Crowfoot MP

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