Resorting to gross exaggeration to make a point

Dear Editor,

One has to wonder what kind of society we would have today if men such as Hitler, Stalin, Chairman Mao and Cambodian Pol Pot had not been born or gained power.

Pity the poor journalist, left wing politician or mail bag contributor for that matter. How could they insult or express their hatred if they were not able to refer to anyone who disagrees with them as a disciple of one of these terrible tyrants?

I believe the first time I heard anyone referred to as Hitler, other than the man himself, was when George W. Bush became President of the United States.

I was somewhat appalled to think the press or the opposition would refer to him in that way.

The next shock was when Stephen Harper and his cabinet were accused of adopting policies that were similar to those of Hitler and Stalin.

The oddest thing about words like these being used against others is who slings the mud and at whom.

I may be wrong or perhaps willfully ignorant but I do not recall any left-wing politician or person being called Hitler or Stalin.

These words seem to be reserved for conservatives, republicans or white-skinned people like me.

Has any Liberal Prime Minister such as Chretien, Trudeau Senior or Junior been slandered in such a way or have Presidents Obama or Clinton endured such hostility?

I suppose those who employ these methods believe that proves their case, but for me, it makes me just a wee bit glad that I do not have to resort to this type of gross exaggeration in order to make my point.


Faye Pearson

Stettler, Alta.

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