Resolve the climate change issue in court

Well here I go again. I’m probably going to be accused of having my mind on a single track and rightly so.
I’ve been trying to figure out if there is some way of holding these climate change zealots to account.
Regardless of the information and evidence to the contrary, they still try to overwhelm us with their propaganda and keep on implementing world policy that if it keeps on will bankrupt the world.
I think there is a way that this issue can be settled. The key to determine who is right and wrong is evidence.
Every time that someone is challenged to prove that C02 emissions are causing climate change they immediately accuse the individual of being a climate change denier.
When anyone who supports the theory that C02 is the cause of global warming is challenged to debate the issue they refuse.
They have never provided any real scientific evidence to support their cause. I cannot understand why the mainstream media have not forced these people to prove the science that is the basis of their cause for climate change.
However there is a way to force the issue. Someone with deep pockets needs to challenge the supporters of C02 caused climate change in court.
Court decisions are based on evidence. Geological and Climatological research scientists have plenty of evidence to prove that C02 does not and has never been a factor in climate change going back billions of years.
There is a book written by Bruno Weskel and published in 2009 with the title “ The Sky is Not Falling”.
That book was written on the concept of putting climate change on trial.
The book goes into great detail on the research that was done. The research has determined that there have been 11 ice ages going back about two and a half billion years ago.
The evidence presented in this book has also shown that in every ice age C02 levels increased after the climate had warmed up, not before.
This book was written eight years ago and it should have received the attention of the world right after it was published but some how the media and climate environmentalists have been successful in keeping the information suppressed.
The conclusion in this book is that it is impossible for C02 to cause climate change.
So far governments and environmentalists around the world have succeeded in implementing very destructive economic policy based on flawed science.
Ontario has become an economic basket case and the economy of Alberta is deteriorating at a rapid pace as it continues to implement its Climate Change Plan.
The renewable energy polices and projects of these governments require large subsidies or they could not attract the capital necessary for their development. They may create some jobs but rather than create new wealth these jobs consume wealth.
I think the large electric utilities in Alberta such as Atco Electric and Transalta would have reason to take the Alberta government to court and force them to prove that C02 emissions are causing climate change and therefore it is necessary to close down their coal-fired generation stations.
Brad Wall, premier of Saskatchewan has said that he will refuse to implement Trudeau’s carbon tax, so I think that he would have reason to make the Federal government prove in court that C02 is the cause of climate change.
Every time that the environmentalists object to a project [for example pipelines] that they are apposed to they conduct demonstrations and initiate a court challenge.
I think it is high time they were taken to court and give THEM a dose of their own medicine!

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