Residential mill rate decreased in Morrin

Council members learned that the 2017 Audited Financial Statements for the Village of Morrin were not yet available from Endeavor Chartered Accountants for the Special Budget Meeting on May 30.
“I don’t feel really comfortable doing it [approving the 2018 budget], not having the 2017 audit,” stated Mayor Howard Helton.
Prior to the unanimous decision to adopt the budget presented by Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Annette Plachner with no changes, Mayor Helton questioned councillors, M’Liss Edwards and Graham whether they had read the budget.
“Yes, I have read it, I have it at home,” stated Edwards.
Coun. Dr. Bob Graham informed council he had not received the budget prior to the meeting.
The estimated total expenditures and transfers for 2018 is $483,937 with the revenues and transfers other than taxes at $269,289 leaving $214,648 to be raised by taxation.
The mill rate for residential was decreased to 12.10 from 13.73 in 2017 and the non residential was decreased to 12.10 from 15.07 in 2017.
Council included in the motion a flat rate minimum tax of $750 on all properties where taxes are less than $750. This item is estimated to generate an additional $24,000 in tax revenue.
Assessed property in the Village of Morrin is 15,007,360 with a mill rate of 12.10, the total tax revenue for the village will be $181,589 for general municipal operations.
Total general municipal revenues including taxes and grants-in-lieu are estimated at $223,525 less the school requisition of $42,025 will net $181,500 in tax revenue.
Atco and Alta Gas franchise fees, interest and penalties and costs on taxes are estimated at $63,700; water, sewer and garbage fees are estimated at $120,600; and Other is estimated at $483,937 in municipal operating revenues.
Estimated operating expenses total budgeted at $483,937.
General Administration was is up $4300 over last year’s actuals.
The biggest increase was in Land Titles and Audit Fees of $1187 for a total of $24,500 and Utilities increase of $1153 for a total of $3500. Employee contributions increased by $615 however, salary for administration did not increase. Repairs and maintenance for the office was increased by $390.
Streets is budgeted up by $28,962 over 2017 actuals with the biggest increase of $12,800 in Road Constructon and Maintenance and $9656 in Vehicle Repairs and Maintenance.
The By-Law Enforcement Contract dropped $1038 from last year’s $3038 actuals.
Sewer also decreased by $4300 as sewer lines will not be flushed in 2018.
A $2000 increase under Fire Protection is due to insurance and utilities.
Total expenditures increased by $47,307 over 2017 actuals.
Total estimated capital acquired is budgeted at $240,731 including $20,000 for a Municipal Development Plan, $50,000 Federal Gas Tax, $136,379 MSI Capital and $34,352 MSI Operating.

Total taxable assessments is $15,007,360 that includes $617,660 for commercial properties; $13,905,930 for residential properties; and $4390 for farm properties and other taxable assessments included are: Canadian Natural Resources $4,950; Alta Gas $147,260; Atco Electric $216,100; Bell Canada/Supernet/Telus $111,070.

Proposed projects
Continuing sewer improvements, a bike park, security, and paving of main street and at the same time filling in pot holes were are considered during the discussion and proposed projects.
Several aethetically improvement projects were hoped to be completed before the 100th celebration by the Village of Morrin in 2020.

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