Residential lot sale happening this spring

Written by Terri Huxley

Mayor Blaise Young requested council considering offering a promotion on new residential lots which would run from April to June 2022.

He proposed that lots purchased in April would have a reduction in price of 40 per cent, lots purchased in May would have a reduction of 30 per cent and lots purchased in June would have a reduction of 20 per cent.

This promotion would run in conjunction with the realtors who currently hold the listing on the lots and would be promoted in Camrose and within the Forestburg region.

Council Approved a sales promotion on the new serviced residential lots on the west side of Forestburg during the months of April, May and June.

Street naming policy

During the January 20 Committee of the Whole meeting, council was presented with the Honourary Street Naming draft policy. They were given some time to mull over how it looked and add any additional input.

At the most recent meeting, council approved this policy, finding no faults in what was presented.

Cemetery Operations policy

The Cemetery Operations and Regulations Policy was first developed in 2009. The policy was revised in 2015.

Administration, along with the Cemetery Society have revisited the policy and are recommending changes.

Changes include redesignating the Public Cemetery as the Public Cemetery South, and the Baptist Cemetery is the Public Cemetery East as the responsibility for the management and operations of the cemeteries is the sole responsibility of the Village of Forestburg with assistance provided by the Forestburg Cemetery Society.

The intent of the changes is clarification and general clean-up of the policy.

Council accepted administration’s recommendation to approve the policy as presented.

CIB membership

Forestburg’s Communities in Bloom (CIB) committee held a meeting on Jan. 25.

The committee determined that it is beneficial to continue to be a member of the National Communities in Bloom at a cost of $445.

CIB is willing to order and plant the flowers, having public works seasonal staff water and weed the plants, bush areas, and highway sign areas.

They have asked the village office to take on the administrative duties including adding photos and reporting to the national website and village council which council was favourable to.

Support letter

Efforts of the Forestburg Economic Development & Promotion Society have been continuing towards securing a regional body of support for the proposed Wanda School House Tourist Center and Historic Park to serve as a tourism destination and hub for activities along the Highway 53 Corridor.

Recently, the society has written to all municipalities in the region requesting general letters of support for the Park and Tourism Hub development in order to enhance funding applications to provincial, federal and other sources of funding.

The society is requesting that the Village of Forestburg also provide a general letter of support for the economic and tourism objectives of this proposed development.

Administration recommended that the requested letter of support to the society be provided which council unanimously agreed to.

Closed session

Following closed session, council passed a couple of motions. The first was to that council approved the reserve bids for the 2022 Tax Recovery Public Sale Auction as discussed.

 Secondly, council authorized an expenditure of up to $40,000 to be drawn from the village’s Gas Reserve account for the replacement of approximately 269 AMR units on village gas meters.


Terri Huxley

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