Request for utility support 

Written by Daniel Gonzalez

A property owner asked council for support after being left with high utility bills after renters had taken poor care of the property and fled without paying at the Aug. 8 council regular meeting.

The first property, located on 4412 Park Crescent, has an outstanding amount of $1,579 in water bills from 2020 to 2022.

A former renter would make periodic payments, but the town could not shut down the water supply as the water lines were installed together and could not be operated independently of each other.

Ultimately the renter of the property refused to make payments and fled the town to avoid paying the fees.

Council agreed that this is a risk property owners make when they rent.

CAO Quinton Flint outlined that he has tried to help the owner help get the tenants of the property to leave, but it was a lengthy and difficult process that took over one year to complete.

The second property, located on 4429 Park Crescent has an outstanding balance of $1,335.
Council agreed that they would waive the amount for the first property, but will not waive the balance on the second property.

The property owner has 60 days to pay off the owed amount for 4429 Park Crescent. When paid council agreed to waive the amount owed for 4412 Park Crescent.

RCMP report

Constable Yasser Mostafa from the RCMP presented the quarterly RCMP report submitted by Sgt. John Pike of the Coronation RCMP detachment.

Const. Yassir outlined that the priorities of the RCMP in the community are enhanced road safety and crime reduction.

In the first quarter, there were 276 traffic-related offences. Of them, 141 related to speeding, with 98.5 per cent concluding in violation tickets or warnings.

Const. Yasser outlined that many of these incidents occur on Hwy. 36. A common route for people who travel through Saskatchewan to Edmonton.

This is an increase compared to the same quarter of last year which only had 123 speeding infractions reported this quarter.

Traffic offences have been consistent with previous years reaching 285 reports compared to the 284 last year.

Const. Yasser notes a decrease in property-related crime with 102 reports in 2021 compared to 61 reports, a decrease of 27 per cent, with 23 charges this year.

An increase in persons crimes has jumped from 10 reports last year to 31. Const. Yasser notes that it is a 210 per cent increase.
Additionally, reports for drug offences have remained at four for 2021 and 2022.

After providing the report, Const. Yasser brought forward concerns the RCMP has with the community regarding gathering evidence for local crimes.

A discussion with CAO Flint was the implementation of a bylaw for vandalism or mischief.

After an off-duty encounter with a resident about the burning of a police vehicle, the attempted burning of a church and graffiti that took place in 2021, Yasser realized there is a problem with witnesses coming forward to report crimes in Coronation.

Const. Yasser wants people to acknowledge the bigger picture of crime in the area and that residents in Coronation can influence the outcome of crimes in the area.

As the presence of the RCMP is limited in Coronation and the surrounding area, he encourages residents to step forward and report any instances of vandalism or property crimes that occur in Coronation.

With witnesses coming forward, it provides evidence in court to properly persecute offenders in Coronation.
Council thanked Const. Yasser and Sgt. Pike for the report and presentation.


Daniel Gonzalez
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