Request for reconsideration of development permit in Coronation

Claude Cardinal attended the March 26 council meeting to discuss with council the possibility of having them reverse their decision to deny his development application to move a 1996 manufactured home into Coronation.
Cardinal had given council photographs of the home, so they could see the condition it was in, but he could not confirm or provide proof as to whether it was built in 1996 or 1998 and the bylaw stipulates manufactured homes constructed more than 20 years prior to the date of the development permit application shall not be permitted.
Council advised him that if he could obtain some information or documents proving when the home was constructed then he could resubmit his application.
“I don’t understand why you guys don’t want a decent trailer to be moved into the trailer court when you got so much stuff that is 25 times worse than that, we need to make tax and not turn people away that are going to pay some taxes,” commented Cardinal.
Mayor Mark Stannard replied, “We have made this bylaw because we have had issues in the past and we have to abide by the bylaw now.”
Mayor Stannard continued explaining that previously they had no age requirements on manufactured homes being brought into town and it did not work out well, so the bylaw was amended to be more specific.

Water Meter System
Barring any unforeseen weather, the town is planning on installing their Bulk Water Metering System this spring. The hope is to complete it during spring “shutdown” in the oilfield to minimize any disruption to water haulers who rely on the towns bulk water service.
Council budgeted $25,000 to do this in 2017 and was not able to complete it due to time constraints.

Council reports
Coun. Brett Alderdice reported the Fire Department has a project to purchase new bunker gear, more radios, a portable water tank and a pressure washer.
The estimated cost is around $60,000 and Coun. Alderdice has applied for a $25,000 Farm Credit Canada (F.C.C.) grant to help offset the cost.
Deputy Mayor Shelley Cook brought forth some tourism ideas she gathered from her recent Badlands Tourism conference in Medicine Hat.
Although many of the ideas were centered around bigger communities, the suggestion of Bird Watching Tours was of interest for the rural areas.
Bird Watching is getting to be a very popular past time during winter and summer months and if there are decent trails and willing guides then it could be a potential viable source of tourism for our area.
Coun. Ron Checkel mentioned the Communities in Bloom Committee had been busy turning the Petunia Tree in to an Easter Egg tree in time for the Coronation Festival and the pots have been removed and delivered to Howe’s green house in preparation for the planting of the spring flowers.

Alberta Emergency Alert notifications
Currently radio, television and social media are some of the forms being used to alert the public of serious emergency events but effective April 6,2018 the Alberta Emergency Alert Notification System (AEA) will also be sending out alerts to wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices.
AEA is a warning system that issues alerts for weather events, natural and man-made hazards, Amber Alerts (child abduction), other life-threatening emergencies or disasters and tells the public what actions they need to be taking to protect themselves and their families.
The first planned national wireless alert test will be on Wed. May 9 at 1:55 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT-observing daylight-saving time in spring and summer).
The website is a good source of information. You will be able to find test schedules on alerts for all the provinces and territories and investigate any questions you may have on whether your wireless device is able to receive the alerts and if not, how you can make changes to be compatible with the system.

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