Reminiscing over years of public service

It is with mixed emotions that I write this Mayor’s Message. 

This fall, October 18, there is a municipal election. I have made the decision to not seek re-election. I say “mixed emotions” as it has been an honour to represent the Town of Hanna as Mayor for the past eight years. 

I also served as councillor for two terms (six years) which brings my combined public service to 14 years, which is almost one quarter of my life. 

I am at the age where I would prefer to slow down and take more time for myself and family. 

During my tenure, I have had the pleasure of helping to make many great decisions to make the Town of Hanna a great place to live, work, retire and raise a family. 

Some of the major projects that were approved during my tenure on council are, but not limited to; the Swimming Pool, Centennial Place, Fire Hall, the Fire Burn Tower, Fielding Place Development, New Town Office, Tim Hortons, Cervus, the Public Works Facility, Downtown Business Hub and the Spray Park. 

While this is an extensive list, it certainly doesn’t cover it all. 

Every year council deliberates the budget. Each year there are always substantial infrastructure projects that keep the town operating, streets, water, sidewalk, and sewer upgrades. 

Spending municipal tax revenues is only one aspect of being on council. 

Every meeting, decisions are made approving policies, bylaws or land use. 

While council may not always get it perfectly right, the members always try to make the decisions that are felt to be in the best interest of the community. 

One of my proudest accomplishments is the advocacy to the Provincial and Federal governments on the coal transition. 

The region formed a Climate Change Taskforce comprised of representatives of the Town of Hanna, Special Areas Board and Cactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation. 

As your Town representative, I made several trips to Edmonton to meet with ministers and government representatives to discuss the negative impacts to our region as a result of the government’s decision to discontinue the use of coal to generate power. 

It has taken time, but I am happy to announce that soon, the Town of Hanna will see the fruits of our labour through several projects within the Town and the region. 

I was very humbled in 2017 being the recipient of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association “Award of Excellence” for the coal transition work. 

I am certainly going to miss being mayor and helping to make this amazing community great. I am confident that our residents will once again make informed decisions when it comes to the election process for the next four years. 

I want to thank all of the past mayors and councillors I’ve had the privilege to serve with, you should all be very proud. 

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge town administration and staff. Your hard work makes elected officials’ job much easier through the execution of the decisions we make. 

I know that you will continue to do an amazing job because you care for the future of the Town of Hanna. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my family. They have made many sacrifices to allow me to do the very best job I could as your mayor and for that I am forever grateful. 

Finally, thank you to the residents of Hanna. As the saying goes “It takes a community to raise a family.” I also believe it takes a family to make a community. 


Chris Warwick, Mayor

Hanna, Alta. 

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