Remembrance Day in Castor

(Left) Cadet William Slemp along with the other cadets laid wreaths led by Legion member Ken Jackson. The United Church Choir let the singing. Legion Chaplain Jim Culham lead the service. Legion President Lyn Holloway and Town of Castor Mayor Richard Elhard brought welcome greetings, Rosa Weber sang a solo, Veteran Mike Bozek gave a video presentation of his troop while over in Afghanistan, Veteran Elias White spoke on his duties while in Cyprus on peacekeeping duties for the United Nations and Pastor Brent Siemens gave the meditation.





Cadets, from the left, Kathleen Schnell, William Slemp, Keagan Browning and Ryley Campbell prepare to exit the Remembrance Day Service with the Colour party at the Castor Community Hall on Sat. Nov. 11. Members of the Colour Party included Constable Dustin MacIntyre, Daryl Blume, Phil Dietz, Ralph Blume, Pat Annett and Sandi Jackson led by Colm Fitz-Gerald.




Walter Weber, playing the Last Post, followed by a minute of silence, then the Reveille at the Remembrance Day Services at the Castor Community Hall on Sat. Nov. 11.

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