Rejecting rural residents

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Dear Premier Notley,

I had the privilege to attend an All Candidates Forum for the upcoming April 16, Alberta Election.

We witnessed democracy at its best with five potential MLA’s sharing their views, ideas, solutions and direction for Alberta.

Your party, the ruling NDP chose to not attend or be represented.

Your party, our elected ruling party chose to again neglect and reject the residents and concerns of Central Alberta.

You chose to show all, your level of support and concern for Rural Alberta.

You ask for support and understanding, you ask for tax dollars and compassion yet give no respect to those you ask for everything from.

Thank you to those who have put themselves out there to make a difference.

Thank you to those who care enough for their neighbours, communities and families by standing up and saying “No More”.

Respect and trust are earned, not a given.

Thank you to those who earn it. Proud to be Albertan.


Dwayne Felzien,

Alliance, Ab.

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