Reform Party influence

Dear Editor,

Reading last week’s opinion piece titled “Fragile and easily lost” stating that the Liberals had restored the Senate to their rightful place after Stephen Harper and Preston Manning had tried to destroy it. The truth is that the Liberals had long used the Senate to reward their bagmen and defeated candidates and Harper and Manning wanted to reform it. The Liberals under Chrétien and Martin would never have resorted to financial accountability if not for the threat of the election of the Reform Party under Manning and Harper. They had the most influence of an unelected party in Canada’s history.

We now have the disaster of Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Notley who the editorialist says do not have and ideological agenda. It is my belief, that if that were true we would not have a carbon tax in Alberta or a threatened carbon tax across Canada. We have an insignificant contribution to CO2 levels on the planet, so I believe, even if you drink the kool-aid of Gore and Suzuki you have to have an ideological bent to believe that raising the price of everything we do in Alberta and Canada will make any difference.

Gord Snell

Three Hills, Ab.

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