Reducing crime top priority for Clive residents

Clive Council

Karen Sander of Parkland Community Planning Services  (PCPS) presented Clive’s Sustainability Plan to village council at its regular meeting April 25.

The report aimed to get feedback from the community on social, economic, environmental, cultural and governing aspects of the community.

The consultation process started after the World Town Planning Event in Clive in November 2015.
Clive high school students were surveyed at the Lacombe High School in December.  The survey showed that the majority of the high school students lived in the county (30) with 18 living in the village.

Clive Mayor Anita Gillard said these numbers showing most participants live in the county backs ups what the village always says.

In January 2016 a meeting was held representing Grade, 5, 7 and 8 students.  Four Grade 9 students completed a survey with seniors at the Clive Drop in Centre.

Parents were surveyed during parent-teacher interviews at the school in February. Fifteen of the parents completing the survey lived in the county and 5 in the village.

The report revealed that residents believe the greatest challenges facing Clive are Crime (about 32 per cent) and business retention. (about 24 per cent).

Some suggestions from community members on how safety can be improved in Clive included more adolescent activities, Block Parents, 30 km speed limits in residential areas, more police presence and neighbourhood watch.

Clive council accepted the sustainability plan as information.

Large item and yard waste pick up
Clive voted in favour of having two yard waste and one large item pick up annually.

Chief Administrative Officer Carla Kenney told council, at its regular meeting April 25, that the village several requests from residents asking for some form of large item pick as well as yard waste disposal.

Clive discontinued use of the drop off compost behind the village shop in 2013.

CAO report
In her report to council Chief Administrative Officer Carla Kenney said the Village of Clive will get $3,430 from Alberta Labour for a STEP Summer Outdoor Worker position. They received 31 applications for the position.

The village will get $243,023 in MSI Capital and BMTG funding this year, down from $249,275 last year.  The MSI operating amount is also down this year from the provincial government. Clive will receive $31,913, down from $35,932 in 2015.

Clive issued a development permit for a thrift store and market stalls on 50 Street.

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