Reduced fee on water line access

Coun. Doreen Blumhagan made a motion to charge the applicant, who has requested a reduced fee to tie into the existing water line, $7500 plus any over cost the county will incur installing the line, dependent on a development permit.
The residents, who originally became part of the water program when the line was first installed, have recently purchased land along Highway 855 where they are requesting an additional connection.
According to policy, hook-up after the fact is $15,000 – $20,000, but because the residents did not own the land when the water line was installed and their intention to develop the property, the council has granted them a reduce fee.
“I think as long as we cover our costs,” said Coun. Blumhagan, “It is a new residence in our county, so we will be getting taxes. I do not see why we need to be charging $20,000.”

Coronation Library
County of Paintearth council was joined by Marilyn Polege and Eunhye Cho of the Coronation Memorial Library during the regular meeting on Mar 13. Polege and Cho shared a report on the success the library has seen in 2017.
There were 696 card holders in 2017 which was a 49 person increase from 2016. The library saw 9073 in person visits over the year and program participants increased by 35 per cent, from 919 individuals to 1239.
Cho shared the 2018 goals which included strengthening ties with other community organizations, continuing to provide year-round after-school programs and hosting professional and local art exhibits.

Brownfield Truck Fill
It has been decided that the county will contribute up to $250,000 to the Brownfield truck fill. Council has decided to focus on building only the truck fill, and in the future build a shop if necessary.
“The main focus is the truck fill,” says Chief Administrative Officer Tarolyn Aaserud, “ My recommendation is to just put the tank fill in on the south end of the lot to make sure you can drive around and at another time, if council wishes, put a shop on.”

Firewall upgrade
Coun. Tyrrill Hewitt motioned for the county to spend $10,700 to upgrade the current Firewall from a MX80 to an MX100.
The internet access at the County Administration building will be soon upgraded to a fiberoptic connection and with this change the existing Firewall security system will also need to be upgraded.
County will be purchasing a used MX100 from Special Areas at a reduced price of $3000 while the advanced security license subscription is $7,000.

Emily Wheller
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