‘Redeemed’ creates a joyful noise

"Redeemed" rocks the house
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The 95th Psalm speaks of making joyful noises to the Lord and singing to the ‘rock of our salvation.‘  Taking this piece of Scripture literally is Redeemed, a group of musical youngsters who have made “rocking their salvation” their life’s mission.

Redeemed played their latest concert at the Evangelical Free Church in Coronation on Friday, December 14, filling the pews with their fans and blowing the roof off with their edgy and worshipful rock music.

The band’s current lineup consists of Coronation’s Dylan Rondeau on rhythm guitar, sisters Reanne and Carissa Schuetzle from Altario on lead guitar and vocals respectively, drummer Jared Zinger from Bentley and fill-in bassist Elliott Mabbot from Halkirk. They may only have been on the Alberta Christian rock scene for a year and a half, but their tight musicianship and loyal following have them turning heads and winning fans from across central Alberta.

Perhaps their biggest break so far came in September when they were asked to open for Kiros, a Canadian Christian rock band that tours internationally.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Reanne Schuetzle. “It was one of their first concerts where we started to get our name out there.”

Playing music is pure passion for the 15-year-old, who founded the group with drummer Jared and her older sister Carissa in mid-2011. Schuetzle’s enthusiasm for her craft was evident during Friday’s performance, mounting the floor monitors several times while strumming out chords on her Gibson guitar. The energy of her bandmates was evident, letting their enthusiasm show through their music and their on-stage antics.

Getting the fans involved is key to maintaining their high level of energy. Making the crowd a part of the show is one of the band’s signatures.

“Our fans are very important,” said Schuetzle. “They get us going and we get them going. We want to inspire them to love Jesus and get to know them — that’s the most important thing.”

The Coronation show was a benefit to help the band that gave them their start. Earlier this month, Kiros’ tour bus broke down requiring costly repairs. Money raised at the show will go towards helping their idols get back on the road and finish touring.

“They got us started,” Schuetzle said. “We wanted to give back to them.”

The show itself was an hour-long performance featuring live music, a video devotional by an ex-member of the rock group Korn who found new life in Christ, and a touching testimony by the group’s guitarist Dylan Rondeau.

While the band’s members are far flung geographically, they credit their faith in keeping them close. They all once worshipped at the Evangelical Free Church in Coronation, and consider the church their home base.

The future for the band is indeed bright. Schuetzle and Zinger are in the process of writing new music and plan to spend the new year in the studio laying down new tracks. They are also booked to play a battle of the bands show in Consort in early February.

To the members of Redeemed, playing their music and worshipping the Lord go hand in hand.

“In the Word, it says that worshipping God through music is a very good way to worship Him,” Zinger said. “Music is a very good way to do it.”

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