Red Rock Red Angus, Beiseker Red Angus, a staple in Canadian breeders community

PREMIER PATRIOT 16: The bull that laid the foundation for the Red Angus breeders. ECA Review/Schmaltz & Brigan families
Written by Terri Huxley

The history of Beiseker Red Angus started over 50 years ago and within that time the families of Schmaltz and Brigan have made a substantial impact on the Canadian Red Angus community.

In 1971 Peter and Maxine Schmaltz decided on purchasing more cows.

They already had Black Angus but wanted to start a purebred herd.

They had lots of help from their children Kim, Karen and Mark Brigan, being all still at home, so they decided to try something different by buying Red Angus although at that time there were very few Red Angus breeders in Canada.

In the beginning, they used artificial insemination (A.I.) and transplanting embryos on their better cows mostly.

In 1980, they started to slow down on the and went in search of a breeding bull to use for natural breeding.

Their search led them to Premier Breeders in New York where they bought into a syndicate on a bull called PREMIER PATRIOT 16.

This bull has laid the foundation of the Schmaltz herd.