Recycling proposal easier on Elnora’s village budget

E360s Environmental Solutions Recyclingapproached Elnora with a proposal after buying out Canpac in June.

Before there was never any formal agreement made with the previous company but with E360’s numbers, administration found this to be a better bang for their buck as they originally paid $8.08 per household.

“The new ownership seems to be more dependable,” said Mayor Robert Aellen, at the Tues. Jan. 14 meeting.

Council agreed to enter into a three-year contract with two yearly check-ins to see about extending the contract further at $7.70 per home, a 38 cent decrease.

A recent home and business count of the village also showed fewer places to pick up at 153 compared to 160.

In total, the village will spend $14,137 approximately for one year.

The schedule will remain at by-weekly pickup times for specific number two recycling materials.

The company currently operates in Alix, Bashaw, Clive, Coronation, Delburne and Trochu among others.

Pumphouse project

Elnora administration will be asking Tagish Engineering to put together an application for the Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership (AMWWP).

This program assists eligible municipalities with the construction of priority water supply and treatment and disposal facilities.

Population plays a key role as provincial funding combined with this program varies based on the number of people in the area this new project would serve.

Considering Elnora is below the 1,000 people threshold, the province would pay 75 per cent while the village pays the remaining 25 per cent.

Competition is very high but there were a couple of issues that may help Elnora stand out such as the need for an automated Chlorine analyzer in the pumphouse and reservoir.

“It’s best that the engineers do it because they speak that language,” said Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sharon Wesgate.

“It can’t hurt to apply, We should at least do the application and see where we get with that,” said Dep. Mayor Nelson.

ACFA Shares

Municipalities across the province have been receiving a piece of information from the recently folded Alberta Capital Finance Authority (ACFA).

Every municipality that put in shares for this has been given a whopping $10 in most cases.

This was no different for the Village of Elnora.

“That’s a lot of paper back and forth for 10 bucks,” said Dep. Mayor Leah Nelson.

Public works quarterly report 

Public works foreman Rob Rintoul visited council chambers on Tues. Jan. 14 to share his quarterly report.

Winter tires and rims for the village skid steer has been found at a relatively decent price at $3,150.

The tires can be changed out seasonally by village staff as well.

The skid steer is used primarily for moving snow but Rintoul has found that the tires are worn down easily.

The tires are expected to last three to four years which was backed up by companies that ‘are snow plowing parking lots all day long.’

Council made a motion to purchase the tires and rims from Brandt for $3,150.

As for streets and sidewalks, there are two larger projects taking place this year which require more than five megatons of crushed gravel.


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