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Recreation Director Barry Brigley attended the Nov. 12 council meeting to give council an updated progress report on the winter activities taking place at the skating arena, curling rink and bowling alley.

Besides all the hockey teams playing out of the arena, there is also power skating skill classes.

“We will be starting an outdoor rink when we get a little snow and weather permits,” said Brigley.

The outdoor rink will be in the gymkhana arena as opposed to the tennis courts where it has been located in the past. A light has been put on the back of the arena to make the rink more illuminated for nighttime skating.

Boards for around the rink and movable portable screens for behind the nets to keep the puck in when kids are playing hockey were a consideration. This will be determined when the rink gets completed.

Strategic Plan review

Council is planning an additional meeting to review their 2018-2024 Strategic Plan to make sure the goals and objectives in the plan are still in line with their long-term vision. This will help them prepare for the 2019 Operating and Capital Budgets.

The Strategic Plan for Coronation discusses plans and priorities for the town’s future infrastructure, programs and services and it serves as a guide for the town staff and council to be able to review their vision and mission statements.

Council reports

Replacement of one of the town’s gravel trucks was brought up by Coun. Keith Griffiths. He has noticed it is showing signs of wear and tear and is of the mindset that it could be cost prohibitive to continuing fixing the truck to keep it operational compared to buying a new truck.

Cost of repairs and difficulty in finding parts was addressed by Mayor Mark Stannard and council will discuss further as they budget for the new year.


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