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Sergeant Colm Fitzgerald has been with the RCMP for 28 years and has served with the Coronation RCMP for close to three years. Fitzgerald sees the RCMP as his calling in life, rather than simply a job he must do. Fizgerald was born in Saskatchewan and is married.

Constable Paul Surette is leaving his station in Coronation to move to Blackfalds, Alberta. Surette is one of the senior constables in the Coronation RCMP.  He has been with the RCMP for four and a half years and has been stationed in Coronation for four years. Surette views being in the RCMP as a way to help others in the community. Surette is also a D.A.R.E. instructor. He is originally from Nova Scotia and is married.

Constable Brian Marinelli has been working in Coronation for 26 months and has been with the RCMP for 32 months. Marinelli also views the RCMP as a way for him to help people. He is also from Nova Scotia and is married with one child.

Constable Zach MacMillan will be leaving his station in Coronation this year to move out east to Ottawa for the RCMP’s Musical Ride. MacMillan has been with the RCMP for five years and has been stationed in Coronation for the duration of that time. RCMP officers run in MacMillan’s family. He says the tradition was a good reason to join. MacMillan speaks at schools about safety.

Constable Carl Almusa has been in the RCMP for nearly three years and has been in Coronation for the same amount of time. Almusa presents at schools and is a D.A.R.E. instructor.  He thrives off the excitement a career in the RCMP brings.  His favorite part of the job is working with children to steer them in the right direction.  He is also interested in serious investigations that come along with being an RCMP officer. Almusa is married with  two children.

Laurie Meissher is the detachment clerk at the RCMP office. She arrived in Coronation with her husband in December, 2012 and hails all the way from Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories. Meissher has been with the force for 18 years. Other members of the detachment say she is a god send and is very knowledgeable at what she does.

Constable Corey Hall is the newest member of the detachment. He began his career in the RCMP here in Coronation April 1, 2013. Hall is 24-years-old and is from Calgary, Alberta.
Constable Diana Stratton will be stationed in Coronation very soon. She’s been with the RCMP for three years and is married.
Fun facts on the RCMP

Streets, roads, buildings, towns and geographical areas have been named after personnel of the Force. Many members of the Force have had their names immortalized by places in Canada being named after them.

The last dog sled patrol was in 1969. The patrol went from Old Crow, Yukon Territory to Fort McPherson, North West Territory, which is a distance of some 500 miles. Two teams went on this patrol with a total of 21 dogs.

Women first engaged as regular members of the RCMP in 1974. The first female troop of regular members began training in September of 1974 and graduated in March of 1975.

The son of famous English novelist Charles Dickens was a member of the North-West Mounted Police. Francis Jeffrey Dickens began his career in the Force on November 4, 1874 and served until March 1, 1886.

The RCMP has its own tartan. To commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Force, a tartan specific to the RCMP was approved and designed in 1998. After its creation, Her Royal Highness Princess Anne arrived in Fredericton, N.B. to formally present to the Force and the Canadian public the official Certificate of Accreditation from the Scottish Tartans Society.

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