RCMP: Icy day on roads

Bryan Passifiume
ECA Review Reporter

RCMP members along Highway 9 had their hands full as thick fog and icy road conditions made driving conditions treacherous. Police in Hanna responded to four serious motor vehicle collisions in as many hours, many of which involved tractor trailers.
“The roads were very icy,” Sgt. Guy Landreville, commander of the Hanna RCMP detachment told The Review, who said that the fog made the dangerous road conditions even worse by reducing visibility.

“We know truckers are very good drivers,” Sgt. Landreville said. “If they were having problems, we can only imagine what it must have been like for other drivers.”
Accidents around Hanna involved a head-on collision between two tractor trailers, a  tractor trailer colliding with a pickup truck, and several automobile fender benders.
Hanna RCMP reported that there were no serious injuries in any of the accidents.
The driver of a van who was hit broadside by a semi outside of Oyen was not so lucky. Oyen RCMP told The Review that the unidentified driver was transported to Calgary Hospital with serious injuries following a collision at the intersection of Highways 9 and 41. Police are still investigating but suggest that heavy fog and icy conditions were contributing factors in the crash.
Oyen RCMP also reported that while road conditions on Highway 9 were not ideal around Oyen, they got progressively worse west of Youngstown.
While Hanna seemed to be the epicenter of the poor weather, driving conditions improved further west according to Cpl. Mike Black of the Drumheller RCMP detachment. While the roads around Drumheller were indeed icy and snow covered, Cpl. Black reported that no serious incidents occurred within the detachment’s patrol area.

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