RCMP District officers unhappy with space issues at Coronation Detachment

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Cst. Jordan Torney explained RCMP District has completed a review of the detachment, reviewing everything from files and how everything is going, at council’s regular meeting Mon. Nov. 13.
Some minor issues were addressed, he said. The only major issue was District taking issue with the space.
“District isn’t happy with the space challenges in the Coronation Detachment.
Council discussed with Torney the issues of the snow storm in October where the RCMP was crippled with only one 4WD truck, no generator power back up and the repeater system and cell phones going down.
“The Fire Department did a lot of work, we are grateful,” said Torney.
Torney gave the quarterly report noting that crime statistics January to October 2017 are down in break and enters, theft of vehicles and with everything else being on par.
Impaired driving and dangerous driving is up but “likely more to do with enforcement,” said Torney.
With Sgt. Darcy McGunigal returning in just over a month and the new officer up to full officer status after six months training, Torney said, the Detachment should be up to full strength by March.

Alberta Local Authorities Reciprocal Insurance Exchange (ALARIE) assets being returned to the town in the amount of $53,800 will be deposited into the general fund for council’s further consideration to their allocation as restricted funds for a specified purpose at year end.
The monies were divided evenly between the participating municipalities due to the dissolution of ALARIE.

Equalized Assessment
Provincial Equalized Assessment is down again, said CAO Kulyk. We knew our live assessment went down last year so this is based on our live assessment.
“Hopefully we can start to see it turning around at some point,” said Kyluk. “But we definitely we need to start driving some development in the community again.
Coal transistion task force
CAO Kulyk reported on meetings with the Economic Opportunities Task Force to review the impact and opportunities report and to identify next steps in the process of developing a Regional Transition Strategy with the help of Urban Systems Inc. who will be developing and implementing community capacity building projects and programs for the whole region.
Urban will be making application for the provincial government CCTF funds at $2500 for each of the six participating communities, however the cost could be divided by seven.
The Village of Heisler has indicated an interest in joining the group as they have 10 residents who will be affected by the proposed closure of the ATCO Power Generating Plant and Westmoreland Coal Mine.

Cross promotion
Coun. Jackie Brigley raised concerns that Coronation’s Facebook page had more Stettler ads than Coronation ads.
“I saw eight ads for Stettler before I saw one for Coronation,” said Brigley.
Kulyk explained that the Paintearth Economic Partnership Society (PEPS) had struct an agreement with Stettler in cross-promotion.

Animal control
The third reading of the animal control bylaw was defeated purposely to get in revisions suggested by a lawyer. It will be brought back to the next meeting.
One change was the need to reflect separate roles between the bylaw officer and the animal shelter.
They can be the same person, explained CAO Kulyk but we don’t want the bylaw reading that it “has to be” the officer’s shelter.
Declaration for nuisance or restricted dogs need provisions for appeal as well as three tiers in fine amounts because of three different definitions appearing in the bylaw, dogs, nuisance dogs and restricted dogs.

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