RCMP constable sets off for Musical Ride training

RCMP constable heads to Musical Ride in Ottawa
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RCMP constable heads to Musical Ride in Ottawa

RCMP constable says good-bye to Coronation

Constable Zac MacMillan is leaving the Coronation detachment May 31 to move to Ottawa for the RCMP Musical Ride.
MacMillan has been stationed in Coronation for five years. He says he’s excited for the move.
“I wanted to try something different,” said MacMillan. “I wanted a change.”
The MacMillan family is the largest family to ever serve in the RCMP in Canadian history. MacMillan’s father and four uncles serve in the RCMP. You could say his choice to become a RCMP member was because of family tradition.
Although MacMillan’s father and uncles are all RCMP members, MacMillan will be the first in his family to serve in the RCMP Musical Ride.
The RCMP Musical Ride receives approximately 2,000 applications from across Canada each year. From those 2,000 applications only 40 applicants are invited to Ottawa to tryout for a spot on the RCMP Musical Ride.
MacMillan was one of those 40 applicants invited to tryout. So, in January of 2013 he travelled to Ottawa to begin the five week tryout session.
After the tryouts were completed the Musical Ride had to choose its finalists. In the end, MacMillan and eleven other members were chosen to ride in the RCMP Musical Ride out of the 40 candidates who originally tried out.
So, what’s in store for MacMillan after he leaves his detachment in Coronation?
Once he arrives in Ottawa he will begin training that will last a year and a half. Training will involve working four to five hours a day on a horse for five days a week. After his training is complete he will begin a six month tour of North America with the RCMP Musical Ride.
MacMillan is set to be in Ottawa with the RCMP musical ride for three years.

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