Rank Riders 4-H Club update

The Rank Riders 4-H club hosted the 4-H east central ski night on Mar. 15 at the Alliance ski hill. All of the runs were open and groomed.

There were snacks and the chalet was always full.

We held a goat tying clinic on Apr. 5 with Tori Brower, where the older kids worked on goat tying while the younger kids worked on the assessments.

A potluck lunch followed the clinic.

We had a quick meeting, and some members did their public speaking.

A 4-H Fun Day was held in Lougheed, Alta. on Apr. 13. Judging was done in the morning, and then we did the fun stuff in the afternoon.

On Apr. 16 we had a roping clinic at Forestburg, Alta.

This was one of three roping clinics held in April.

We hosted a Kade Mills Horsemanship clinic on Apr. 19 in Forestburg where we worked on turning and on getting the correct leads.

A hotdog lunch was provided, after which we worked on rodeo events.

We attended the Annual Grama Shirley’s 4-H Horse Camp May 17 – 20. The camp is in memory of “Grama” Shirley Woods, who was very passionate about 4-H.

Her granddaughter Amanda puts on the camp.

The majority of our club was on hand for our mock rodeo at the Castor rodeo grounds on May 31.

We did all of the rodeo events except the rough stock events, held a meeting and then had pizza, followed by a whole bunch of desserts.

We will be having our 4-H rodeo on Sun. June 23 at the Castor rodeo grounds where everyone is welcome to come and watch.


by Club Reporters Maisie Burlock and Tess Shannon

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