Rank Riders 4-H Club starts new year

The 4-H Rank Riders had their first meeting of the year on Oct. 1.

This year, we have a total of 16 members and six cleavers.

Our club is a horse and rodeo club. On Mon. Nov. 12 and Tues. Nov. 13, the Rank Riders had a horsemanship clinic which took place in the Donalda Agricultural Center.

The clinician, Leslie Moszli, taught the kids mandatory 4-H horse levels. She also taught the kids proper riding techniques.

We also measured our horse’s weight and measured their height and listened to their heartbeats.

Our 4-H club really enjoyed the clinic.

In the future, we would like to have more clinics like this one and more club rides.

We would also like to have more club meetings.

On Nov. 30, we are having our club Christmas party which will be fun and hopefully will include a sleigh ride.


by Club Reporters Maisie Burlock and Tess Shannon

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