Quote could be interpreted differently

Dear Editor, 

I am writing this letter as a double vaccinated member of the public, therefore I can’t be simply dismissed as an ‘anti-vaxxer’. 

I must admit that I was surprised to see a quote from Ayn Rand in your editorial of Sept. 2, 2021. (“Any alleged ‘right’ of one man, which necessitates the violation of the rights of another, is not and cannot be a right”). 

While I am no expert on Ayn Rand, I do know something of her politics. From what I have read of your editorials, I think that your political views would not align very closely with hers. 

You used her quote to repudiate the actions of the ‘anti-vaxxers’, however, I think that the quote could legitimately be interpreted very differently. 

That quote could be used to suggest that one person’s ‘right’ to feel safe from the COVID virus does not trump another’s right to choose what is or is not injected into their body. 

The desire to feel protected from a virus is perhaps an understandable wish, but it is not a right, and it does not justify coercing or forcing people to do something to their body that is against their will. 


Cathy Bell

Drumheller, Alta.

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