Quizzing competition in Three Hills

Three Hills Bible quizzing participants, from the left, Jack Perry, Chris Brisbin
and Alia Wiebe competing against teams from Okotoks, yellow t-shirts,
and Calgary’s Rocky Mountain Calvary Chapel, grey t-shirts. The quizzing
competition was in Three Hills late last week. ECA Review/D. Nadeau

No sticks, no ball, no net, no uniforms, and no national or Olympic aspirations, but Bible quizzing is a genuine sport.

Not unlike the tension and excitement of a spelling bee, so it was at the Three Hills Prairie Christian Academy Oct. 12 – 13 when 150 participants ranging in age from 11 to 18 on 26 teams from Red Deer to Lethbridge competed in a regional Bible quizzing competition.

Like any team sport, the name of the game is to earn points for your side by matching knowledge, speed, memory and quickness of response to sets of 20 scripture based questions.

Competitors sit on individual triggered seats with the first to lift from the seat in response to the quizmaster’s question has 30 seconds to say a correct response from memory.

Organizer Vicky Poulsen said an important part of the Three Hills quizzing weekend were the billet hosts for 200 guests.

Also, many Three Hills businesses donated door prizes ranging from coupons and toys to books and games.

“Our visitors were amazed at the wonderful support and community welcome,” said Poulsen.

The Three Hills tournament was the first of the season for southern Alberta.

Another 26 teams from north of Red Deer were competing in Edmonton.

Five more district tournaments will be held this season, which sees north and south quizzers competing together. A fun tournament is scheduled for Linden, Ab. on January 12.

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