Quick response to fire prevented catastrophe

Dear Editor,

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year particularly, we are overwhelmed with gratitude.

On Sun. Sept. 25th, a grass fire spread onto our property. It began encroaching upon our house and the Nelson Coulee, which leads to the most picturesque Burma River valley.

The outcome could have been absolutely devastating, but it wasn’t…

My family wanted to say thanks to numerous groups of people. The days leading up to the fire were delightful. In fact, the week leading up to the fire was one of the most satisfying and fulfilling weeks I have had while living back in Brownfield.

Earlier that week, Brownfield Community School hosted a cross-country race at Burma Park, where upwards of 1000 people converged. Numerous community members worked hard preparing for the event, causing our small school to pull off a big feat.

To say that the event was “successful” is a vast understatement. The race was idyllic. The beauty of Burma Park was showcased. Local athletes excelled. Our local school’s principal demonstrated his stellar administration. It felt like a dramatic coming together of community awesomeness.

The night before the fire, we celebrated the end of harvest with our extended family, to whom we are so grateful! Their generosity and friendship are substantial and we are deeply thankful.

The morning on the day of the fire was great! Our church led a new initiative called CONNECT. We enjoyed the presence of friends around food, conversation and community.

Our church family is deeply meaningful to us, and we want to express gratitude to them.

We went from CONNECT to Coronation School for an awards ceremony. We’re so grateful for the leadership and teachers at our school. Of course, a thriving school is vitally important to a communities’ ability to flourish.

From the awards ceremony, we travelled straight to the fire…

By the time we arrived, everything was more or less under control because of the hard work of courageous men and women.

Thanks to Coronation, Castor and Veteran Fire Departments. Thanks to neighbours who worked so hard to fight back the fire. Your quick response and hard work prevented what could have been a catastrophe for so many.

The night of the fire, friends brought us pizza. They brought us so much pizza that we had to invite more friends over to consume the pizza. We are thankful to our friends.

At the end of that day, I looked at my wife and said, ‘Today was a pretty good day!” We are very thankful to be living in a caring and generous community.

Al and Sylvia Richardson and Family

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