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Last week I was made privy to two reports on global warming. Now I know some of you are probably getting sick and tired of me ranting on this subject but I have read just about everything I could get my hands on with regard to this issue for the past 20 years.

I cannot print every thing that is in those reports in this column but I will highlight some pertinent information.

What these reports confirm is what I have been saying and writing for years. The environmentalists and media reports have hijacked the issue of global warming being caused by C02 to fit their agenda for a long time.

One report stated that carbon dioxide is emphatically NOT a “pollutant”. All living things are built of carbon that comes from C02. An increase in essential C02 in the atmosphere will be a huge benefit to plants and agriculture.

Satellite measurements show that the increase of C02 over the last few decades has already caused a pronounced greening of the planet.

For tens of millions of years, plants have been coping with a “C02 famine.” Current C02 concentrations of a few hundred ppm are close to starvation levels compared to what prevailed over most of history.

Several years ago I wrote a column in which I stated that at a minimum, C02 concentrations needed to be twice what they are now for optimum plant growth. This report suggests that we need more carbon, not less.

What I learned was that eco-activists and “green” scientists love to claim that the last decade or the past year has been the hottest on record. These alarmist claims are mostly based on readings from land-based weather stations.  Many of these stations record city heat island temperatures.

These temperatures are not as reliable as satellite-based readings that are taken over the entire face of the planet many hundreds of thousands of times a day. Satellite measurements of atmospheric temperatures show negligible warming for the past two decades.

President Obama invited “anybody who wants to dispute the science around climate change —-to have at it.” Well, his Supreme Court did. They upheld a delay of Obama’s war on fossil fuels. Apparently a majority of the court is less confident of the “science around climate change” than he is.

“Since the Obama administration can’t read just satellite data, they have unleashed a campaign to discredit the satellite temperature record.”

A study was released that found, just as the United Nations own inter-government panel on climate change found in 2013, the world’s global warming stopped in 1998.  The fascinating thing about this new study is that it findings are over a time period when greenhouse gases were rising rapidly, “The results support previous findings of a reduced rate of surface warming over the 2001-2014 period.” During this time the temperature varied between minus 0.05 and +0.15 Celsius per decade.  Now the UN has come and said that the warming has stopped.

What is it going to take for the media, environmentalists and politicians of the western world to come to their senses? If this kind of information was disseminated at the same rate as all the misinformation that we are subjected to day after day the public would soon put an end to this expensive nonsense.

The idea that global warming has stopped is “frightening” the people who make their living off of scaring the public about global warming.  Unless the public can somehow be convinced that global warming is a fraud perpetrated by vested interests, hundreds of billions of dollars will be spent on this nonsense and we will all be worse off.

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