Put some thought into it and vote “smart”

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Dear Editor,

With the Alberta Election fast approaching, I’d like to offer my two-cents worth.

The NDP has all but killed the economy and investor confidence in Alberta.

Alberta has the highest unemployment and slowest growing economy in Canada.

Our only hope is for a change of government on April 16.

Albertans should have learned their lesson after the last election when the vote splitting between the Conservatives and Wild Rose parties allowed the NDP in the back door.

This time we must put some thought into it before casting our ballots and get it right. Albertans have to vote smarter.

Election polls and political analysts peg this election as a battle between the NDP and the UCP (United Conservative Party).

Yet, the right-wing thinkers have about half a dozen options.

There’s the Alberta Advantage Party, the Alberta Independence Party, the Alberta Party, the United Conservative Party, the Freedom Conservative Party and even Independents. How crazy is that?

You don’t see the NDP diluting themselves and offering a half-dozen left-wing versions of themselves. Makes one wonder who is smarter here.

There is strength in numbers and voters must work together and unite to oust the NDP.

Really any vote not for the United Conservative Party, the NDP’s only true opposition, is essentially a vote helping the NDP get re-elected.

Every seat is important and every vote is important.

I urge voters to get out and cast your ballots.

No candidate is perfect, no party is perfect, no leader is perfect but select the best option for turning our disastrous economy around.

I urge everyone to cast your ballot, but put some thought into it and vote “smart”.

Alberta can’t survive another NDP government.


Lyle Stuart

Stettler, Ab.

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