Publisher Ponderings: Fed us very well

Publisher's Ponderings with Joyce Webster
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When we think of prairie views, we think of open spaces, sunrises and sunsets, but not for east central Alberta readers. Review readers will be reminded of Herman Schwenk and his views.

As one caller said last week, “Herman gave us food for thought and he fed us very well.”

Herman wasn’t afraid to share his opinions, knowledge, research and experience.

His commitment to the betterment of our province by serving on many significant boards and associations throughout his lifetime helped frame the Alberta of today. It also provided much fodder for his column in the ECA Review.

A community newspaper is only as good as its contributors, whether it be news, photos, viewpoints or advertising.

Community newspapers are the community window and Herman kept that window open with a steady flow of ideas and opinions.

Herman wrote several letters over the years to the Review but it was the April 15, 2003 issue of the East Central Alberta Regional where his first PrairieView column appeared. 

As the publisher, I have appreciated Herman for the work he has done throughout the years. His column will be missed.

Thank you, Herman, for your many years of dedication and best wishes.


Joyce Webster


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