Public servants or perpetrators of the swamp

Dear Editor:

How do we choose which candidate to vote for in elections? Whether it be councillor, MLA, or MP, what should we be looking for?
Our “swamps” may be only one-tenth the size of those in the U.S., but do we have our own Bushes and Clintons who think they have the right to rule?
Do we trade our vote for promises of special favours for our little corner of the world?
Is “change”, “youth”, or “gender” a sufficient reason for replacing an incumbent?
We need to value the privilege of voting for our representative. We need to use that privilege wisely.
I invite thinking, grassroots citizens to give this issue serious consideration.
What qualities do you think are important when assessing who will receive your vote in the next elections?
Pat Holloway
Castor, Ab.

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