Public hearing on land use bylaw

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Forestburg resident Marvin Morrison expressed his concerns regarding the village Land Use Bylaw, during a public hearing on Nov. 16.
Morrison believes there needs to be clarifications, or better bylaws all together, specifically about accessory buildings and garages. Pole sheds, quonset and farm buildings do not belong in a residential setting, according to Morrison.
“We can’t do anything about yesterday,” concluded Morrison, “but we sure can about tomorrow.”
Morrison isn’t the only Forestburg resident of that opinion. A written submission provided by Ben and Fran Kroes was very detailed in what they believe makes a suitable accessory and garage building in the village.
Council motioned to amend the land use bylaw at their regular meeting following the public hearing.
Council voted to add a clause to the Land Use Bylaw, regarding accessory buildings. The decision focused around the aesthetic of a secondary building, including garages.
The new clause reads: “The exterior finish of an accessory building shall be consistent or compatible with the exterior finish of the main building with respect to colour, finish, materials and texture.”

Policing concerns
Acting Corporal Zachary Gast assured the council at the regular council meeting their concerns are understood, and explained that the Killam detachment is stretched thin as they patrol 11 communities in over 6,000 square miles.
Mayor Blaise Young explained the issue regarding people not obeying the speed limit reduction on highway 53, through the village.
“There is an incredible lack of enforcement on that stretch of highway,“ shared Mayor Young. “We have an arena, ball diamonds, soccer pitch all on the other side of the highway and there are parents in town who will not let their kids cross the highway.”
Gast recommended to council to contact the county as there are Peace Officers who can respond to traffic violations.

Kinsmen RV campground
Operation of the Kinsmen RV Campground will return to the Village of Forestburg. The Kinsmen campground is a village-owned facility which was previously under lease agreement with the Forestburg Arena Association.
The Arena Association decided to turn over the operations as it is no longer a profitable venture. As of Oct. 31, the expenses totalled $16,037 and the revenue $4,100.

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