Provost doctor wins RhPAP Rhapsody Physician Award

The RhPAP Rhapsody Awards continue a long tradition of celebrating rural Alberta’s health-care heroes and rural communities.

A play on RhPAP’s name, the Rhapsody Awards are designed to recognize the individuals, teams, and communities that make significant civic and health-care contributions within rural Alberta.

Nominations are evaluated by an Awards Selection Committee composed of rural health professionals and community members from all regions of the province

“This year’s Rhapsody Award recipients have gone above and beyond, doing the difficult and rewarding work it takes to keep health care close to home. We are excited and grateful for the opportunity to shine a light on their great deeds and to hold them up as exemplars for the rest of rural Alberta to emulate,” said Dr. Rob Warren, Chair, RhPAP Board of Directors.

The Rhapsody Physician Award recognizes the contributions of rural physicians, especially those unsung heroes, who provide Alberta rural communities with outstanding patient care and make notable contributions to medical practice and to their communities.

Arriving in Provost in 1996, Dr. Deon Erasmus and his family have made a long-term commitment to the east-central Alberta community.

The community speaks highly of Dr. Erasmus and highlights his ongoing support of the Geriatric Working Group, a support group for local seniors that he founded, and the local Family and Community Support Services (FCSS).

For many years, Dr. Erasmus has taken on a leading role as physician recruiter and mentor to future health care professionals.

He also remains involved in coaching and organizing recreational opportunities for local residents.


Terri Huxley

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