Provost 4-H Achievement Days

Provost 4-H Achievement Days were held at the Shorncliff Lake pavilion May 31, June 1 starting with the Sheep Show. From the left, Matthew Neudorf and Alyssa Carson of the Amisk 4-H Club in grey shirts and Emma Cromarty and RandiLynn Cromarty in the blue shirts, with ring man Myles Butt in the Junior Showmanship Class. ECA Review/Submitted

Provost 4-H District held their annual Achievement Days on May 31 and June 1 at the 4-H Pavilion at Shorncliffe Lake.
The members of Stainsleigh 4-H Multi Club, Czar/Metiskow 4-H Beef Club and Amisk 4-H Beef Club spent two busy days showing off their projects to the public.
Besides the cattle and sheep on display, the Stainsleigh 4-H Multi Club and Amisk clubs also had several non-animal projects on display such as welding, wood working, cooking, knife making, photography and outdoors.

Sheep Show
For the animal projects, the second-ever Provost District 4-H Sheep Show started the fun on Wed. May 31.
There were a total of nine members who participated in the sheep portion, six from Stainsleigh and three from Amisk.
Alexandra and Morgan Cook, two Stainsleigh members had Creative Options – Baby Lamb and Ewe breeding projects.
The other seven members took part in the Market Lamb Project where a member buys a weaned lamb and feeds it for a minimum of 60 days aiming to have the lamb reach a market weight of 100-130 pounds by show.
Just like in the beef projects, the members fit their lambs for show and compete in grooming and showmanship as well as a confirmation class.
Alyssa Carson and her lamb from the Amisk 4-H Beef Club claimed the Grand Champion Market Lamb and TraetinLerae Cromarty of the Stainsleigh 4-H Multi Club had the Reserve Champion Market Lamb.
Junior InterClub Showmanship was won by RandiLynn Cromarty with Emma Cromarty placing second.
Junior Grooming went to Tamika Peters, with second being awarded to RandiLynn Cromarty, both from the Stainsleigh Club.
In the Ewe Lamb project, Alex Cook came away with the Grand Champion and Morgan Cook had the Reserve Champion.

Judging Competition
In the Junior category (age 9 – 11) Ashton Penman of Czar/Metiskow came away with first and Breanna McQuaid of Czar/Metiskow placed second.
In the Intermediate category (age 12 – 14) top place went to Suzanna Neudorf of Amisk, with Laine Motley of Czar/Metiskow coming in second.
In the Senior category (age 15 – 20) Cody Heck of Stainsleigh placed first with Hannah Turner of Amisk placing second.

Female Show
There was a total of 27 female projects. Grand Champion Yearling Heifer went to Dulcie Turner of Amisk, with Darby-Anne Swanson showing the Reserve Champion Heifer.
First in the Two Year Old Class went to CodiShae Cromarty of Stainsleigh and second place went to TraetinLerae Cromarty of Stainsleigh.
In the Three Year Old class, TraetinLerae Cromarty placed first and Kira Axley of Czar//Metiskow came in second.
The top two females out of each of the above classes returned to the ring to compete for coveted title of overall Champion Female. CodiShae Cromarty was Grand Champion Female and  Dulcie Turner was declared Reserve Champion Female.

Herd Competition
The Herd Competition consists of a member’s yearling, 2-year old and 3-year old projects entering the ring and being judged as a unit.
Grand Champion Herd went to RandiLynn and Reserve Champion Herd went to Hannah Turner of Amisk.

Market Steer Show
The individual Club Shows which began at 10 a.m. June 1 with Czar/Metiskow first into the ring, followed by Amisk, then Stainsleigh. Brady Moncriff was the judge for confirmation at the Club level. Club Show winners are as follows:
Stainsleigh 4-H Beef Club: Grand Champion – RandiLynn  Cromarty,  Reserve Champion – Tori Cromarty.
Czar/Metiskow 4-H Beef Club: Grand Champion – Kira Axley, Reserve Champion – Karson Swanson.
Amisk 4-H Beef Club: Grand Champion – Hannah Turner, Reserve Champion – Dulcie Turner.
Dallas Johnston was the showmanship judge and grooming was judged by Taylor Richardson.
From each Club Competition, the top two in each age category in grooming and showmanship advanced to compete at the Interclub Level.
Sawyer Schmidt was the top overall Junior Showman and Tylie Dick second, both are members of Amisk.
In the Intermediate age group, Tori Cromarty of Stainsleigh placed first and Taycee Dick placed second.
Karsten Axley from Czar/Metiskow proved to be the top Senior Showman of the day with Dulcie Turner of Amisk, taking second place.
In the Junior Grooming, first place was awarded to Isaac Hager of Stainsleigh with Jaylynne McQuaid of Czar/Metiskow taking second.
In the Intermediate category, Sara Heck proved her skill at grooming by taking first place with Tori Cromarty of Stainsleigh placing second.
Senior Grooming went to Dulcie  Turner with Karsten Axley taking second.
After the Club Shows were complete, Cleaver Kid Tommy Nickerson of Czar/Metiskow, and Trusten Dick displayed their baby calves. Next in the ring was the Novice Beef shown by Morgan Cook.

Weight Classes Weight Classes judged by Garth Rancier. In the end, RandiLynn Cromarty of Stainsleigh was thrilled to have her steer slapped as Grand Champion and Jaylynn McQuaid of Czar/Metiskow came in Reserve Champion with her steer.
Rate of Gain awards were presented with Joni Motley’s steer having gained 4.49 lbs/day and Hayden McQuaid’s steer gained 3.92 lbs/day.
Perseverance Award to a first year member who tries their hardest but doesn’t land in the winner’s circle, was awarded to Hayden McQuaid of Czar/Metiskow and honourable mention went to Emma Cromarty of Stainsleigh and Matthew Neudorf of Amisk.
The Jennifer Lavigne Memorial 4-H Scholarship was presented to Dulcie Turner and Cody Heck.
Awards were also presented for the Carcass Project which had been previously completed in early May. Provost Livestock Exchange hosted the Live Judging portion and a few days later, the members met at Provost Packers with the Meat Grader to go over some grading basics before we went in to view the hanging sides.
Tori Cromarty’s steer was crowned Grand Champion and RandiLynn Cromarty was Reserve Champion.

The Grand Champion steer sold for $2.59 per pound. The Reserve Champion steer sold for $2.15 per pound. Thirty  steers sold.
Seven Market Sheep sold with the Grand Champion of Alyssa Carson for $400 and the Reserve Champion of RandiLynn Cromartys $280.


Inter club Market Lamb Class with Judge Devry Stachura checking over a Stainsleigh market lamb.





Stainsleigh 4-H Sheep members listening to the Judge explain her placings

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