Protecting our personal property

Here we go again. Just who’s side is the justice system on anyway?
A few days ago there was an incident in Okotoks when a homeowner spotted two criminals ransacking his vehicles.
To bring this burglary to an end and protect his property he fired his gun at them, evidently wounding one slightly in the arm.
That robber was apprehended and charged with several offences, the other one has not been located yet and probably wont be.
The homeowner, Edouard Maurice was charged with aggravated assault, pointing a firearm and careless use of a firearm.
If the system felt it necessary to charge the homeowner the last two charges are absurd.
In my experience, if you intend to shoot something or some one you have to point the gun otherwise what would be the point of shooting?
Also if you intend to shoot something, it is not a careless act. He obviously felt he had a right to stop them two thugs from doing what they were doing.
However that critique is not the point of this column. There is a very serious principle here that needs to be discussed.
What kind of a society and justice system do we have in this country when it is against the law to protect yourself, your family and your personal property?
The right to the freedom of choice to make a personal decision on protecting the personal safety of onesself, your family and your hard-earned property has been seriously eroded in our society in the last several decades.
I fail to understand why the misfits of our society have a higher priority in our screwed-up justice system than the general law abiding citizens of this country.
The Liberal left governments we have endured for far too long have worked on the philosophy that governments know better than ordinary citizens as to what is in our best interests.
We have effectively given up our freedom to make life and death decisions that affect our every day lives.
In my mind, this loss of freedom was enhanced by the introduction of the “Charter of Rights and Freedoms”.
Judges in the Supreme Court have decided that the Charter gave them the right to make law and instruct our Parliament how to write certain other laws.
They decided that ordinary citizens could no longer be trusted to make decisions about their own safety.
In my opinion, since that time, criminals and special interest groups like the indigenous people, the left leaning status of women, etc. have been given priority over people in the general population.
This has resulted in a tremendous loss of personal freedom. If you take a hard look a what our current liberal government is trying to achieve with their new budget, it will result in more loss of freedom.
The Harper government put in place many polices that allowed people to make personal choices. Trudeau repealed all of that so he could impose his vision of ‘I know best on all of us’.
Getting back to the Charter implications of the Okotoks incident. If the Charter was intended to protect the rights and freedoms of all citizens, why do I not have the right and freedom to protect my family and my property?
What happens is when a property owner is charged for protecting his own property it sends a message to the criminal that there is no personal risk to him in committing a crime of theft.
If he can get away without being caught by the police, he is home free.
Rural crime has been rampant this winter and if people are denied the right to protect there own property there will be a revolt.
I understand that the rural public in the Okotoks area are up in arms, as they should be. The system is blatantly unfair to the victim.
I say it is time for the public to raise cane on this issue.

by Herman Schwenk

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