Proposed biomedical waste incinerator, economic opportunity

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Recently, local area residents contacted the Cactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation and the Rural Alberta Business Center about a potential opportunity for the region.

Representatives from the Special Areas, Town of Hanna, Rural Alberta Business Center, and Cactus Corridor Economic Development Corporation met with G-M Pearson, a company specializing in biomedical waste disposal, to discuss their proposed biomedical waste incinerator project.

After meeting with the project manager in December, Cactus Corridor and regional economic development staff have been working with local landowners and municipalities to identify potential rural project sites.

G-M Pearson has requested detailed site selection and community information from interested municipalities.

The Special Areas Board has responded to this request on behalf of the region by providing preliminary information on potential project locations which meet G-M Pearson’s requirements.

G-M Pearson is expected to short-list interested municipalities this spring.

If the Special Areas was selected as the project location, the project developers would be responsible for conducting public consultation.

Cactus Corridor has been asked to provide local support to the project developer to coordinate opportunities.

The goal is to give residents and landowners the chance to learn more about the proposed project and give their feedback ahead of any project development permit application.

Development in the Special Areas is managed through the Special Areas Land Use Order.



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