Property tax increase for Morrin residents after all

Written by Stu Salkeld

Some Village of Morrin property owners will see an increase in their municipal taxes in 2022, stated the village’s chief administrative officer (CAO).

CAO Annette Plachner said in a phone interview May 26 that some properties received an increase in the municipal tax rate.

A Morrin resident contacted the ECA Review after a Morrin village council story was headlined “Village of Morrin not raising taxes in 2022” in the May 26 newspaper.

The resident provided information from the village’s 2022 budget showing a mill rate increase was included in the 2022 budget and thus the headline was not accurate.

When contacted by phone Plachner confirmed the headline was not accurate and needed to be corrected. She stated the mill rate for residential and non-residential properties in the village was increased for 2022 and it was possible property owners could see an increase on their tax bill, “…but not much of one,” predicting increases would be between $20 and $75 a year per property.

Comparing tax rate bylaws from the Village of Morrin’s 2021 and 2022 budgets, $249,755 was collected in property taxes within Morrin in 2021 while $244,543 is to be collected in 2022.

Morrin’s 2021 tax rate bylaw stated the tax rate per $1,000 for residential was 12.88, the tax rate per $1,000 for farmland was also 12.88 with the tax rate per $1,000 on non-residential at 14.56.

Morrin’s 2022 tax rate bylaw noted that the tax rate per $1,000 for residential property is 13.18, the tax rate per $1,000 of value on farmland is 13.18 and the tax rate per $1,000 for non-residential is also 13.18.

The assessed value of residential property in Morrin last year was $13,004,860, while in 2022 it is assessed at $13,392.430.

The assessed value of non-residential property in Morrin in 2021 was $1,040,360, while this year it is $1,021,760.

Municipal tax rate is one factor which affects a property tax bill, while assessment, or the assessed value of the property, is also a factor. As well, Plachner noted Morrin residents will see requisitions on their tax bill from the provincial government, including that collected for education. She noted the municipality has no control over provincial requisition.

The CAO added that property owners could expect to see their tax bill in the mail in June.

The full meeting agenda package is not made available to the public, including the ECA Review.

Stu Salkeld
Local journalism Initiative reporter
ECA Review

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