Property absenteeism burden on tax base

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Coronation council discussed lighting at the Coronation Dam park as many do not work, at their May 8 meeting.
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sandra Kulyk informed council that she had put into the budget replacing four  lights at the park each year with solar lights.
It’s a catch-22 said one councillor, as half the people don’t want lights.  A light by the bathroom is all that’s needed. Most campers pack flashlights.
Council heard that extensive work had to be done with the pool basin with grinding away the old paint and repainting it.
The old paint was spidered.
They are hoping to get it open for the May long weekend.

Budget 2017
Council spent a great deal of time going over the 2017 budget, page by page, making suggestions as to changes and will  bring it back to a special budget meeting on Tue., May 16.
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Sandra Kulyk had laid out three options for council.  The three options were a zero per cent tax increase, a one and a two per cent tax increase.
assessments was down by $460,000.
CAO Kulyk noted, in particular, that a lot of the drop in assessments, which affect tax revenue, was in the decline of the hotel/motel assessments.
Other problems is the absenteeism of a lot of property, said Kulyk.  For these owners, it’s cheaper to pay the taxes, than it is to demolish the home.
“They are a burden to our tax base,” said Kulyk suggesting it may be time to consider a minimum tax rate next year.

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