Proper research required to go total ‘Green’

Dear Editor,

“Green” will not go far without the help of proper research and the help of what we have now as far as oil and gas (O&G), nuclear, solar, wind, hydro… 

DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) for diesel trucks: a fluid used to prevent soot and gasses entering the atmosphere and at the same time drive up the costs one engine repairs and pollute landfills with non-recyclable plastic containers is turning out to be a DUD!


Mining open pits for non-renewable lithium used in batteries for electric vehicles that require hydrocarbons (from oil and gas) for greased bearings and rubber tires, plastic (O&G) and metal panels (mining required for raw materials)! 

Plus batteries developed to this day still do not have the capabilities for long term storage of electrical power. By the charging aspect ratio to get the electric vehicle (EV) charged to use as an everyday unit costs more per litre of gas then an ICE (internal combustion engine)!

Then there is the cost of revamping a home electrical service that most homes in a town/city block cannot handle! 

When you purchase an EV from a dealer, the charger given takes days to charge. A supercharger, which makes usable daily, almost requires a 70 to 100 amp breaker which by the way not only adds to double the house power, it exponentially adds demand to the block power grid, then exponentially adds to the whole power grid which by the way, would crash most power plants we already have.

What about end of life wind turbine props that have mass graves in Wyoming because there is no recycle plan in place for a unit that also uses steel (O&G mined and produced) and grease for bearing (O&G) product.

I am for GREEN without question. 

My yard has solar, my neighbours have turbines….however this last cold snap in Alberta, they were useless!

Solar in Alberta in the cold and the now closed solar farm in southern Alberta below -25°C were crap.

Some so called experts say that solar charges better in the cold,  are telling a half truth… it takes energy to keep the batteries at a certain temperature and snow and cloud cover are blockers.

Turbines ice up so O&G kept my place warm, as it did with every Albertan who used natural gas, diesel or coal to heat their home and used their ICE units to drive to work and feed livestock while using natural gas/coal fired power to light their homes!

Stop the fear mongering and do all 100 per cent of the research to the bitter end . . . not stop at a point to say ‘this looks okay’ and invent a cart that goes in front of a horse…

There is a long ways to go yet!


Adam Badzioch

Hanna, Alta.

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