Proper identification required to vote in municipal elections

New for the 2013 Alberta municipal elections is a requirement for voters to provide proof of their identity and current residence in order to cast a ballot in local elections.
Providing identification that also displays a home address is the minimum requirement. Municipalities can expand the list of requirements, so it is very important for Albertans to check with their municipality to learn what the local requirements are.
“The new requirements will provide greater integrity in the election process and greater public confidence in the outcome of municipal elections,” said Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths, “The identification requirement sets a basic standard for municipal elections that is similar to provincial elections.”
The new voter ID requirement will assist election officers in verifying a person’s identity and place of residence for the purpose of determining whether the person is eligible to vote. The new requirements apply for advance polls and on election day, October, 21.
Amendments to the Local Authorities Election Act requiring proper identification were passed in the Legislature during the Fall 2012 sitting. The voter new ID requirements are similar to those in the provincial Election Act.

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